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Grant management systems and cross-border collaborations

Grant management isn’t always confined by geographic location – and we know that some of the most successful funders work in collaboration internationally.  We believe that a single grant management system (GMS) can help facilitate multi-region multi-organisation working in a way that saves time and money, and allows grant givers to increase their impact as well as consolidate their relationships with each other.

As with all grant management, transparency and clear communication with a wide range of stakeholders is critical – as well as systemic efficiency. A grant management system like AIMS should offer the tools and features that enhance these aspects of your grant giving strategy.

Which grant management system features can support international collaboration?

A centralised system, with cloud based accessibility

A digital grant management system allows for the centralised storage of data and documents related to grants. This ensures that all stakeholders, regardless of their location, have access to the same up-to-date information.

A cloud-based system enables users to access information from anywhere with an internet connection. We know that this is particularly important for international collaborations where team members may be geographically dispersed.

Incorporating collaboration tools such as real-time document editing, commenting, and notifications helps team members stay connected and work together seamlessly. We see that this especially important when working across with multiple time zones.

A customisable system

To cater to diverse international teams, a good grant management system should provide multilingual support. This ensures that users can interact with the system in their preferred language, promoting effective communication. AIMS allows for multiple languages to be used within the same funding programme. Our clients can request any combination of languages to support their grant giving.

We understand that members of a collaborating team may already have different processes and requirements in place to reflect the needs of their region. A robust grant management system will allow you to customise workflows to align with the specific needs of cross-border collaborations.

A secure system

Implementing role-based access control ensures that team members have access to only the information relevant to their roles. This helps maintain data security and confidentiality, especially in cross-border collaborations where data protection regulations may vary.

International collaborations often involve varied regulatory requirements. The right grant management system for you should include features to track and manage compliance with relevant laws and regulations across borders.

Seamless communication and robust reporting

Automated notifications and alerts can keep all stakeholders informed about important deadlines, updates, or changes. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

A good system should offer robust reporting and analytics tools to provide insight into the progress of grants and projects. This helps stakeholders make informed decisions and understand the impact of their collaborative efforts – even if they are never in the same room together.

The right grant management system can be the glue that holds international collaborations together. With centralised data storage and cloud accessibility, geographical barriers are removed. Real-time collaboration tools and multilingual support ensure seamless communication, fostering a global team spirit. Customisable workflows adapt to diverse processes across borders, while automated features keep everyone in the loop. Role-based access and robust reporting guarantee security and insights. Having worked with organisations of all sizes and in (and across!) many different locations, we at AIMS have seen just how well a good grant management system can help grant makers working in collaboration. We are always happy to share our knowledge and learning, just get in touch for a chat – we are here to help you give grants better.

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