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AIMS is a flexible configurable off-the-shelf system. Our grantmaking solution is a trusted product, recognised globally as a resilient and reliable COTS solution – and we can give you a hybrid build, if you require custom development to provide the best fit for your needs.

AIMS grant management software has been used to process more than 80 million applications, and to award grants to over 1 million individuals and organisations globally. Our grantmaking solution is used to manage the disbursement of over 5 billion euro in funding each year.

“Since AIMS was introduced we have seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of the process and the governance / audit. Our auditors have commented to this fact. Also the AIMS workflow is the best in the market.”

IT Manager, Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg

We streamline processes to provide the most effective and efficient solution for a wide community of applicants and users.

The user experience is as critical as form and function in our AIMS product development.

The privacy and protection of personal data is integral to our audited ISO standards for Quality and Information Security. And, for your own transparency and accountability needs, we embed traceability and audited controls at the core of AIMS functionality.

AIMS is especially suitable for funding organisations which:

  • have multiple funding streams
  • intend to provide web access to applicants, assessors, and staff
  • require a central contact database and CRM capability
  • need flexibility to meet any adjustments made to funding schemes
  • monitor outcomes as well as outputs

Features offered by AIMS include:

A single online portal

Give your applicants and administrators a simple one-stop site to apply, manage and report on grants. All users can access your solution wherever they are. You can also give secure access to your external reviewers. With AIMS you can collect a wide range of information whilst providing a simple interface for your applicants. 

Flexible workflow

Use AIMS software to build simple, robust, and intuitive administration processes. Our software allows a different workflow to be linked to each scheme, giving you the flexibility to create the process that works best for each funding programme. Simultaneously, you can easily implement best practices with our flexible workflow tool.

Easy to build smartforms

Build your own state-of-the-art online forms with bespoke question types and sections, which then connect to your database. AIMS offers specific aspects such as multistage applications, or conditional questions that drive forms. Use our business rules check to ensure that applications are complete before submission.

Customisable reports

AIMS provides integrated browser-based analytics and reporting, including operational and dashboard reporting, giving you complete control in creating and tracking applications with secure, role-based access and various views. You will have access to a comprehensive search functionality, with keyword search of all data fields.

Contact management

AIMS is a centralised database that automatically captures, stores, and manages all donor and applicant information.

Contact relationship management is seamlessly integrated into all your grantmaking.

Document management

Our systems provide a secure place to store and manage all proposals, submissions and applications related to your funding programme, including attachments.

Documents are easily found and shared within your solution.

Managing your KPI data

Key performance indicator data can be linked to an application and scheme within AIMS.

KPIs are also recorded at an organisational level allowing you to determine the success of specific measures within certain time frames.

Access control

AIMS gives you complete user transparency and audit control.  Define and segregate who has access to specific functions of the system, and flag conflicts of interest. Access can be defined by user, role or grant programme, with user time and date stamp recorded. 

Funding decisions

Facilitate your decision making processes and manage decision points with the AIMS meetings function. Your grant management system securely records your funding decisions and associated reference documentation for auditing and control.

Payments and finances

Control the entire financial pipeline of a programme – including application amounts, commitments, auto-scheduled payments, budget and fund management. See instantly when allocations are paid. We support multi-annual and multi-fund decisions.

Project costs and claims

Your applicants can add project costs or budgets as part of the application process and review and revise them throughout the project. Claims for payment are recorded in conjunction with the project costs, including submission, tracking, approvals and payments.

Contract management

AIMS can be used to manage your donors and funders’ contracts. A workflow process can be created to capture donors, donations and/or the contract pipeline – creating a single system of record for all information relating to donors and their requirements.


The AIMS product is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. Our solution is compatible with assistive technologies, and all main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) are supported. We build in design that is responsive across smart devices, allowing applicants and administrators to access AIMS from any device, no matter where they are. We continually review our accessibility standards to reflect best practise.


User experience

We understand how important user experience is, both internally and externally.  Our standard product is simple and intuitive to use, requiring minimal guidance and support to applicants.

Your UX can be adapted to reflect your house style and branding. Language is completely configurable. 


We have stringent security controls in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your programmes and data. AIMS ensures that data on your system remains private and under your sole control. Security access controls and administrator security permissions can be assigned to reflect the structure of your organisation.


We provide AIMS to our clients using Amazon Web Services for hosting.  This gives our clients the benefits of resilient AWS hosting, improved security monitoring and overall performance.

We also support clients who choose to host their AIMS grantmaking solution on their own premises or in the cloud.

women dressed in football kit

More about hosting

We offer clients a standard AWS set up as part of their AIMS grant management package, with additional specifications available as required.

AIMS grant management software is rich in functionality, yet easy to use and configure yourself.

Get in touch to see how we can support your grant giving.

Senior Account Manager, Department of Health UK

“Simple and intuitive to use, very flexible to the customer’s needs. Logs raised during live implementation support are resolved as requested. All staff have an excellent knowledge of the system including our own bespoke version. My experiences since 2010 have all been positive. They have even helped provide advice on our own internal IT issues which weren’t their issues.”

General Manager, Mosques Shared Services, Singapore

"We had a vision of system automation. Since we have started using the AIMS system, we have cut down our grant processing times and we no longer rely on large storage spaces. That is a tremendous success for us."
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