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We are proud to work with grant makers across the globe.

For over three decades, we have worked alongside our clients to help them empower their grants and awards through digital transformation. We listen to their needs and adapt AIMS to ensure that we provide the very best suite of tools for the modern grant maker.

We are always delighted to hear from our clients, in their own words, the difference that AIMS makes to their business.

What our clients say

IT Manager, The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)

"AIMS technical support are fantastic, they listen to requirements of their customers and with every new release; there is always something novel to maintain the program up-to-date with our research schemes and the grant industry in general. Since AIMS was introduced we have seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of the process and the governance / audit. Our auditors have commented to this fact."

European Grant Manager, Alzheimer Common European programme

"We have recently switched to AIMS for our yearly grant calls and required a specific system due to a rather complex collaboration between different research funding organisations. AIMS Software Ltd has certainly delivered on its promises and the use of our new system is saving time throughout our process. Our support team is great and are always happy to think of new ways to make our system more efficient, building on experience they have with other customers. If problems do arise, the technical support is always there to help swiftly. We are happy we made the switch and excited to see what the system will grow into in the next years."

Head of Data Management & Digital Transformation, The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)

"For more than ten years, the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has relied on on AIMS as its central grant management platform. With AIMS, every year FNR manages over 800 grant applications, 1000 expert reviews and monitors on average more than 900 ongoing grants. AIMS provides our stakeholders with an easy to use and secure submission platform. Internally, AIMS delivers the flexibility to quickly and easily introduce new funding programs and application forms. In addition, it allows adapting existing workflows and processes and assists our task and document management. Our long-term experience with AIMS has proven that it suits the requirements of Research Funding Organisations and that AIMS Software Ltd is a reliable partner to our organisation."

Fondsmedewerker, Beheerder Aanvraagsysteem AIMS, BrabantC

"For Brabant C, AIMS is a solid system. You can rely on it. There are never major crashes and if you run into a problem or want something changed, The AIMS team always responds the same day (most of the time within an hour). The AIMS support system makes sure your message always reaches the right person (developer, infrastructural manager, etc.) and if more work is needed (for example an update to a newer version) you will be assigned a permanent team with an account manager and have weekly (online) meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly."

Senior Account Manager, Department of Health UK

“Simple and intuitive to use, very flexible to the customer’s needs. Logs raised during live implementation support are resolved as requested. All staff have an excellent knowledge of the system including our own bespoke version. My experiences since 2010 have all been positive. They have even helped provide advice on our own internal IT issues which weren’t their issues.”

Application Manager, NL Film Fonds

"We have been using AIMS now for nine years and we have not yet found any other application with this flexibility nor did we find any other application that covers the granting process completely."

IT Manager, Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg

“Since AIMS was introduced we have seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of the process and the governance / audit. Our auditors have commented to this fact. Also the AIMS workflow is the best in the market.”

Implementation & Service Delivery Manager, Exemplas Ltd

"The AIMS software helps us to successfully deliver multiple public sector grant programmes. The platform provides the functionality and flexibility needed to bring together all aspects of our grant administration and management – providing a seamless customer journey for businesses, as well as enabling us to efficiently manage back-end processes with ease."

Chief Corporate Officer & Chief of Grant Management Office, Agency of Integrated Care, Singapore

“AIC has over 60 grant schemes and was managed through the AIMS Grant Management System. The AIMS team helped us to build our own internal capabilities and shares the same goal to help become more self-sufficient to manage our grants”

Application and Information Manager, Stimuleringsfonds

"AIMS is a really versatile Grant Management software package and it serves our organisation very well. Being a system administrator of such a complex system has its challenges, but the AIMS support team is always ready to advise and help out when needed."

Head of Grant Operations, Comic Relief

“The AIMS Implementation and Support Team are first rate. They all demonstrate a thorough and extensive knowledge of the AIMS product and they understand the complexities of grant-making. They are efficient, detailed, thorough, creative and a pleasure to work with. Throughout the implementation of the AIMS product for Comic Relief all the AIMS staff provided us with excellent support and went above and beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions.”

Head of IT, The Mondriaan Fund

"The Mondriaan Fund has been using AIMS software for almost a decade and we are very happy with the flexibility the software provides us. Support matters are handled promptly and the software itself is continuously being improved. Client concerns are taken seriously and communication is always clear, which makes working with AIMS software a pleasure."

General Manager, Mosques Shared Services, Singapore

"We had a vision of system automation. Since we have started using the AIMS system, we have cut down our grant processing times and we no longer rely on large storage spaces. That is a tremendous success for us."

Application Manager, NL Film Fonds

"AIMS is a flexible application that supports the complete granting process from start to end. AIMS provides workflow tools to design and maintain specific business processes. The rights of internal users and external applicants can be authorized in great detail. Digital application forms are integrated. These ‘smartforms’ can be designed according to the requirements of the organisation. Questions can be shown or hidden dynamically by the use of logics. Or made mandatory etcetera. Information entered in the digital forms can be automatically stored in the AIMS database. AIMS also has an integrated tool for developing standard letters in which relevant data from the database can automatically be entered."

Application and Information Manager, Fonds Podiumkunsten (the Netherland’s Fund for Performing Arts)

“For us the benefit is that we can easily monitor on our goals by reporting on the plans and targets of our applicants. Also positive is the fact that the applications and contacts are always accessible for our internal users. They can now, much more easily than before, work at home.”

Head of Digital Tranformation and Portal Administration, Studienstiftung

"We have been using AIMS for many years now in a highly customized setting. AIMS Software Ltd provided very good service in developing and implementing solutions for our special requirements."

Financial Director, Netherlands Performing Arts Fund, Fonds Podiumkunsten (the Netherland’s Fund for Performing Arts)

"AIMS gives us enhanced speed and quality of work processes, and provides better information for internal use and external parties. We are in more control of our workflows and we can support the advisory process much better because of analysis and reports of digitally stored data."

General Manager, Mosque Shared Services, MUIS, Singapore

“AIMS has been a tremendous help for us in supporting with Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. By giving comprehensive user training, helping us to review our processes, and giving us tips on how other sectors are managing grants, this has really given us a better understanding of how to be more efficient in our own processes."

IT Manager, FNR Luxembourg

"AIMS been a great help in tackling the increased number of grant applications for our research schemes in an efficient and integrated Grant Management System, for well over a decade. We have found that by defining properly the research schemes initially and establishing the correct information that AIMS needs to run on, that nowadays, our organization can generate and retrieve information that important stakeholders require from us, in a short time period, effortlessly and accurately. We have cooperated well with the AIMS team and many of our ideas have now been developed into the main AIMS programme – win win for us and AIMS.”

Let us demonstrate how AIMS can help you.

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